Come join the FUN at NCSU Club! "Where Champions Play"
Hi Parents and Players,

We will be kicking off a new program next week with our Junior Tournament Challenge.

The Junior Tournament Challenge (JTC) is designed to provide match playing experience for the up and coming junior tennis players at the University Club.

The JTC is a 5 week tennis tournament beginning Monday, October 15, and ending Friday, November 16.

Each week the participants will be assigned a match to play against a player of similar ability and age. 

The players then contact each other to set up the match at a mutually convenient time. 

Once an acceptable time has been reached, contact John and he will reserve the court.

Report your scores to John once the match has been completed.

University Club Standings / Ranking will be posted each week, right here, on our Junior Tournament Challenge page.

The cost is $35 per person, and includes balls for each match, a JTC t-shirt, awards, and a fun Tennis and Pizza Party at the conclusion of the JTC.

Junior Tournament Challenge  Oct. 15-Nov. 16
October 15 thru November 16, 2018

Here are Week #1's Match ups.

Will vs. Reid
Joe def. Patrick 8-0
Jamie vs. Ivy
Caroline vs. Jack
Matthew def. Garrison 6-0
Walker vs. Olivia
Marjorie def. Campbell 8-1
Anna Scott def. Vivian 8-4
Janie vs. Adam
Leo vs. Lucy


1.) Contact your opponent and find a mutually convenient time to play the match. 

2.) Contact John and he will reserve 
the court for your match.

3.) Please complete them by 
Tuesday, October 23rd. Good Luck!

4.) Format: 8 Game Proset with No-Ad Scoring. First player to win 8 by a margin of 2 games wins the match. 
A 7 point tie breaker will be played at 7 games all.

5.) Report your score to John at the 
completion of the match.