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Men's 4.0 Singles
Blake Paro
Michael Ball
Andrew Schuett
Kenny Krause
Phil Jones

Men's 3.5 Singles
Mike Stellar
Mark McClam
Amit Sachan

Men's 3.0 Singles
Mark McClam
Matt Oneal
Gabe Talton
Preston Waldo
Mike Beatty
Greg Kempf
Howard Critcher
Ted Rappaport

Men's 2.5 Singles
Gabe Talton

Women's 3.5 Singles
Bridget Cobb

Women's 3.0 Singles
Lisa Kempf
Jennifer Sadowski
Jennifer Guy
Blair Waldo

Women's 2.5 Singles
Sarah Noah
Leanne Stradling
Catherine Bray
Jessica Phillips
Erika Miller
2018 Participants
Entry Deadline is September 28.


Men's Open Doubles
Kenny Krause and Brian Rosenthal

Men's 3.5 Doubles
Harry Nicholos and Steve Brown
Amit Sachan and Mike Stellar
Richard Stradling and Sean Krause
Michael Steer and Ted Rappaport

Men's 3.0 Doubles
Mark McClam and Preston Waldo
Tracy Davis and Mike Beatty
Matt O'Neal and MacRae Noah

Women's 3.0 Doubles
Katie Seawell and Julia Hoke
Anita Flynn and Vicki Rougier
Lisa Kempf and Kristen Fitzgerald 
Jennifer Sadowski and Myra Peterson
Catherine Bray and Kelly Foglia
Johanna Irving and Elaine Capriglione
Ann Bozek and Jan Copeland
Tiffany Thompson and Alison Pollack

Women's 2.5 Doubles
Sarah Noah and Elizabeth Thompson
Leanne Stradling and Lori Elliott
Jan Copeland and Lu Little
Joyce Stevenson and Melissa Hill
Jessica Phillips and Erika Miller


Mixed Open Doubles
Katy Sizemore and Ben Thompson

Mixed 7.0 Doubles
Katy Sizemore and Steve Brown
Nancy Whelchel and Harry Nicholos
Betsy Fulcher and Preston Waldo
Myra and John Peterson

Mixed 6.0 Doubles
Leanne and Richard Stradling
Lisa and Greg Kempf
Jennifer and Steve Guy
Catherine Bray and Ken Schuster
Ann Bozek and Tracy Davis
Vicki and Glenn Rougier
Jennifer Sadowski and Mark McClam

Mixed 5.5 Doubles
Sarah and MacRae Noah
Lu and Jim Little
Joyce and Mark Stevenson
Teri and Howard Critcher
The 2018 University Club Tennis Championships are  
October 1-November 12.

Women's and Men's Singles and Doubles in 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and Open Divisions

Combo Mixed Doubles in 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and Open

Consolation rounds will be available. 

How it Works
Once all entries are in and draws are posted, you will have about 1 week to schedule your first match. Send John an email or text to get the court reserved for your match. Report the results to John once you have completed the match. If you won, you will then have another week or so to complete your next round match. Repeat the same process.

The cost is $20 per event / per person. 

3 Event Limit per person

Awards will be presented at our 2018 Tennis Awards Social in January 2019.

Draws will be posted here
September 30, 2018